The Exhibition and Sale of Photographs and Woodworking by Dr. Robert Wrenn


Dr. Robert Wrenn is a man of many passions and talents.  For over 40 years, he was a dedicated ob/gyn in Bloomington, Indiana, delivering over 3,000 babies.  He is known in the medical community for his mindful and tireless pursuit of innovative skills and persistent pursuance of knowledge.  Now retired, he brings these qualities to his art.  He focuses on the development of his previous hobbies with the same drive and dedication he demonstrated during his medical career. 

Robert grew up on a farm where he became interested in photography and woodworking.  Throughout the years he became a competent amateur photography while continuing his medical practice.  His inspiration is found in scenic places, both land, sky and water.  Having retired, he has been able to hone his skills through classes and equipment from internationally recognized experts.  His enthusiasm for underwater and aviary photography, as well as landscapes, emboldens him to seek adventure through travel while continuing his education.  The results are impressive.  He has won many awards and is an active member of the Bloomington Photography Club.  His recent photo of an American Wigeon was published in the 2020 Ducks Unlimited calendar.  Robert has also continued his childhood passion in woodworking.  He harvested Maple and Walnut trees for cabinetry and furniture.  He now focuses on refined wooden boxes and frame building for his photography. 

Robert’s photography and boxes are The Venue’s Featured Exhibit at this month’s Gallery Walk.  The Gallery Walk happens the first Friday of each month so we hope to see you here March 5th.