Form & Function Fully Fired Ceramics show

              A Ceramics Show at The Venue      

     When The Venue was born some 14 plus years ago, there was in place an intrinsic appreciation of paintings, jewelry, and other mediums of artistic expression. What has evolved and grown over the years is our love of pottery. Through exposure to the work of ceramic artists such as Barb Lund and Adam Egenolf we have come to appreciate the beauty and functionality of this remarkable medium. 
     For this show we asked our ceramic artists to produce work that is a treat to the eye and functional as well. They have not disappointed. Local Best Selling poet and author, Ross Gay, has written a book entitled "The Book of Delights". You too can know the delight of holding an Adam Egenolf coffee mug in your hand, feeling the smoothness of its surface, its perfect weight, and seeing the beauty of its crystalline surface.  You too can eat your rice from a Barb Lund rice bowl, and be delighted by it's great color and perfect weight and shape. And modern archeology demonstrates its durability. 
     Join us at The Venue and take home a delightful one-of a-kind piece of pottery from these artists and more!