Contemplative Abstracts by Ingrid Matthews


     For Gallery Walk on Friday, June 2nd, and for the month of June, The Venue will feature the extraordinary abstract paintings of Ingrid Mathews, musician, teacher, and abstract artist.

     The Jacobs School of Music has attracted an abundance of extraordinarily talented creatives to Bloomington, but their invitation to Ingrid Matthews to join the faculty, as a violinist, has brought even more talent than was bargained for. Ingrid, in addition to being a world-class Baroque violinist, is a world-class abstract Artist.

     During the first part of her professional life, Ingrid performed and recorded extensively as a violinist, all the while amassing a deep and eclectic education in the visual arts as well. As she has refined her painting techniques, she has shown and sold her works on a national and international stage, in galleries and shows from North Carolina to California, and in Europe as well. Ingrid’s abstract paintings have been uniformly recognized and enthusiastically received.  

                                 Artist Statement

“I make art to absorb the mind and invite the viewer into contemplation, bathing in luminous color as though immersed in music. I find it deeply absorbing to explore the ever-shifting emotional atmosphere using abstract visual language. Very thin layers of paint, subtractive as well as additive techniques, and both controlled and uncontrolled mark-making characterize my process as I work to create nuance and depth, probing the ways in which color, light and form can evoke emotional experience. Being a violinist as well as a painter, I am inspired by music (especially the layering that creates harmony), the organic forms of the natural world, and geometry, as well as existential experience and mindfulness.”

     Ingrid Matthew’s abstract paintings are subtle and sophisticated, having a strong impact without representation and with a minimum use of line. They meet the challenge.

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