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Discovering The Cosmos
Featuring Joanne Shank

For Gallery Walk August 4th, the Venue is pleased to host an exhibition of paintings by Joanne Shank, inspired by "The flow" of her chosen media channeled into a visual  suggestion of the natural formation of celestial bodies.

Join us for a Gallery Walk reception featuring gourmet refreshments beginning at 5pm Friday the 4th!

Ekphrasis III

Once a year we invite you to experience Ekphrasis at The Venue. Ekphrasis, a Greek word for a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art, is an opportunity to experience creativity for your eyes and your ears.

For our event we have invited some of the areas most recognized painters to submit one painting each. We then invited some of the areas most prolific poets to select one of those paintings to be the inspiration for an original poem. We then divided the paired poet/painters into two groups, to present their paintings and read the paired poems, and describe their inspirational and creative processes.

Ekphrasis #1 will occur on Sunday, September 10th, at 5:30 and will feature paitnings and creative writing from:
Ray Perigo, Jim Grabski, Mark Blaney, Dixie Ferrer, Susie Gregory Megan Amani Hanson, Tony Brewer, Tim Reed, Eric Rensberger, Shana Ritter , Mary Peckham, LuAnne Holladay

Ekphrasis #2 will be on Sunday, September 24th, at 5:30p.m. and will feature paitnings and creative writing from:
Paul Kane, Wyatt LeGrand, Don Geyra, Cheryl Duckworth, Jennifer Mujezinovic, Joanne Shank, Nancy Maxwell, James Alexander Thom, Chas Culp, Nathan Schmidt, Julia Karr, Tonia Matthews, Michelle Martin Colman, and Patsy Rahn.

Parking is free on Sundays, and The Venue will provide refreshments in the usual manner. We look forward to hosting you in the coming month for this truly creative event!

Water in All its Forms, Photography by Kriste Lindberg

"Ever since I was a child, I have been enchanted by water and the many moods it can evoke, whether in its solid, liquid, or vapor state. Living here in south-central Indiana among the varied topography and seasonal changes, there are countless opportunities to observe -- not only the water, but the plant and animal species they support. As I spend more time 'in the field', my sense of wonder is constantly renewed and I am getting to know myself better along the way. In the display, I share a few of these special moments with you."

Kriste Lindberg developed an interest in photography while creating educational materials for the conservation of natural resources. She has been employed by the City of Bloomington since 1999, when she helped develop Leonard Springs Nature Park, and is currently a stormwater education specialist. Kriste has an MSEd in Instructional Design with an emphasis on the 'ologies' (balance between natural and social sciences) and has served on various related boards. Recognitions include those from the National Speleological Society, Hoosier National Forest, and the IDEM/MS4 Partnership; most recently, an 'Outstanding MS4 Special Event as a Partnership Award' for the Adopt-a-Stream program. She enjoys photographing water - in all its forms - and the wildlife it sustains.

Reflections of Nature by Lakeside Artglass

The Venue is pleased to host the first exhibition of mixed media artwork by Jean Dayton, founder of Lakeside Artglass.

Entitled Reflections of Nature, Jean demonstrates her talents in the medium of hand broken shards of glass, combined with natural found materials like creek rock, sea shells and more.  She often draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of her home in rural Bloomington, and she incorporates the natural elements found along the shores of our own Lake Monroe. Jean creates whimsical yet representational narratives, letting the form of the broken glass guide her artistic vision. She finalizes her work in resin, creating a level of finishes that is both vivid and attractive.

Jean Dayton has opened this new chapter of her life as an artist, after closing the book on an 18 year career as a literary agent. Her work took her across the United States numerous times, as well as internationally to India, Singapore and China. Her travels always incorporated the experience of the artwork of the communities she has traveled to, and is evident by the themes and styles present in her work.


from Charlie Dupree

For Gallery Walk of November, The Venue is pleased to host an exhibition of new encaustic work from Charlie Dupree!

Notebooks is a collection of work blending antique family papers with the medium of pigment, wax and resin. Dupree’s process creates abstract narratives with both personal meaning, and visual appeal.  The artist’s inspiration draws from his appreciation of the beauty of everyday objects, and how they are effected by the process of aging.

Charlie Dupree hails from a farm in eastern North Carolina. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from East Carolina University in Greenville NC. He is currently a priest for Trinity Episcopal Church.

We look forward to hosting you for this truly unique show!

Paul Kane at The Venue

The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is pleased to host the latest exhibition of paintings by Paul Kane, entitled PAINTINGISDEADLONGLIVEPAINTING.

A graduate of the art programs of both Yale and Indiana University, Paul Kane has used his talents and distinct style to create a narrative that speaks to individualism, community, and mythical constructs that can come from both.

The name of Kane's show, PAINTINGISDEADLONGLIVEPAINTING, is meant as a claim that painting is more meaningful today than ever. As Paul explains, the death of painting has been proclaimed by each new generation for a hundred years or more, due to the rise of new technologies and new cultural ways. How can painting be taken seriously when there is video art, installation art, conceptual art, computer generated art, etc.?

This collection of paintings is so fortified, Curator Gabe Colman was made to exclaim "...the visually hungry will be fed with this show!"

This exhibition kicks off December 1st for Gallery Walk Bloomington with gourmet refreshments and artist introduction beginning at 5pm, and continues through the month of December The Venue Fine Art & Gifts


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Lion I of II by Ned Cunningham